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2016-2017 Century Club

The Gaston County Republican Party Century Club recognizes individuals who support the Party financially.  Membership in the Century Club is active for the year it is paid between one Lincoln Day Dinner and the next.  Century Club membership is published at all Executive Committee meetings and members are given special recognition at all GOP events and fundraisers.

2016-2017 Century Club

Platinum Level

Senator Kathy Harrington
Mr. David Wofford
The Gaston County Republican Women

Gold Level

Mrs. Sandra Brittain
Mr. Don Grant
Mrs. Rebecca Schwindeman
Rep. John Torbett

Silver Level

Rep. Dana Bumgardner
The Honorable Chris Carney
The Honorable Pearl Burris Floyd
Mrs. Mary Frances Forrester
Ms. Mary Anne Huggins
Mr. Jack Moore
Mr. Neil Moore
Mrs. Lee Ann Morris
Mr. James Stewart

Century Club

Mrs. Shenna Amos
Mr. Steve Amos
Mr. David Beam
Mr. Bobby Brooks
The Honorable Jack Brown
The Honorable Larry Brown
The Honorable Joe Carpenter
Mr. Neil Chastain
The Honorable Dorothy Cherry
Mr. Dave Charzewski
The Honorable Craig Collins
Dr. Robert Crouch
Mrs. Kathy Current
The Honorable W. A. Current, Sr.
Mr. William Flowers
Mrs. Vickie Flowers
The Honorable Jim Gallagher
Mr. Anthony Goff
Mr. Lewis Guignard
Mr. Dennis Hammerle
Mrs. Barbara Hammerle
Representative Kelly Hastings
Mr. Phil Humphries
Commissioner Tom Keigher
The Honorable Michael Lands
The Honorable Susan Lockridge
The Honorable Donnie Loftis
Mrs. Lee Ann MacMillan
Mrs. Alexis Nash
Mr. Kenneth Nash
Mr. Brad Overcash
Mr. Larry Panel
Mr. Conrad Pogorzelski
The Honorable Mickey Price
The Honorable Jeffrey Ramsey
Mrs. Suzanne Riley
Mrs. Pat C. Smith
Mrs. Barbara Voorhees
Mrs. Juanita Wagner
Mr. William Walkowiak